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Add Value Today is created by the founder of the marketing agency, Magna Media.

Magna Media utilizes Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization and Sales Funnels to grow their client's customer base. Their largest advantage is versatility, they test and test, see what's most effective, and apply that strategy.

The main focus of this blog is to give real-life experiences surrounding the marketing industry. As well as give motivation to those in similar entrepreneurial paths. Most importantly it's to share the knowledge and wisdom imparted to me by my life and this unconventional professional journey.

I'm not a guru, nor an expert, I'm a professional who is learning as he goes. I do intent to cut the learning curve because I follow the best in this interesting world of content marketing.


This Is All Here To Give You Value

Please enjoy the stories and insights that have been given to me. Let me know you enjoy them and feel free to share them with anyone that might be interested.